11 August, 2005

dream mountain II

Height: 19,340 feet (5,895 meters)
Location: Tanzania, Africa
Lat/Lon: 3.06°S, 37.35°E


Kili is considered an "easy" mountain, as you can climb it entirely by trekking if you wish. Harder routes do exist, though, as there is a glacier on top. I must admit that I was inspired to climb this mountain because of an IMAX film.

I wish to do some ice climbing on Kili, simply to get experience doing so at high altitude. Also, let's face it, for the challenge. Though, from what I've read, even trekking is a challenge at that altitude. I've never been above 14000', though, so I don't know yet.

The climb encompasses several climatic zones and is quite lovely. It is the tallest peak in Africa, and is easily reached from the fabled Dar es Salaam, a city that conjures magical images to a dorky lifetime reader like me.

This is an official life goal for me, but I honestly think that the only bar at this point is money. I easily have what little technical skill is required. The only question in my mind is how I will perform above 14000'.

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