22 August, 2005

upgrading and vertical tools

This weekend's gear acquisitions include a summer bag, the JetBoil, and an altimeter.

Total weight savings: 3lb 5oz

Highgear Aerial



*Wrist-top information center provides weather forecast, current temperature, elevation and your rate of descent
*Input base altitude and current altitude (at top of ski run), begin chrono and start skiing--calculates speed of descent once the base altitude is met
*Altimeter reports elevation in 3- ft. increments displays accumulated elevation in feet or meters); includes threshold alarm
*Barometer forecasts changing trends in the weather; 1mbar with 300- to 1,100-mbar resolution
*Digital thermometer reports temperature with 1-degree resolution in Fahrenheit or Celsius (min. -4F to max 140F)
*Watch features dual daily alarms and time zones; time reported in a 12- or 24-hour format
*Tracks time in two time zones simultaneously; features two programmable alarms plus a selectable hourly chime
*Chronographic feature records 1/100 second-resolution; 50-lap memory; stores run number, month/date, lap number, split, time and average lap
*Backlit for easy viewing in low light
*Water resistant to 165 feet (50m)

So far I've set the time and calibrated the altimeter. My altitude calibrations were performed at the Echo Lake Lodge (10600ft) and on the fifteenth step of the Colorado State Capitol building (5280ft). It's fairly easy to use and seems to be pretty accurate. I have a lot to learn, though. Altitude is a barometric measurement and as such, is affected by weather changes.




There are two main features that sold me on the Jetboil:

1. The stove, fuel and cooking pot weighs 1lb, as opposed to my current system, which weighs 3lb.

2. Push button lighting - no priming time.

Ancillary feature I like: the Jetboil fuel mix works 4 season, at high altitude.

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