10 August, 2005

dream mountain

Ama Dablam

22,467 feet (6,848 meters)
Khumbu Himal, Nepal, Asia
27.86°N, 86.86°E

This beautiful freestanding peak lies below and in front of Chomolungma (Everest) and one day I will climb it.

It is accessed via Kathmandu, then Lukla. The SW ridge is the most popular route.

Many mountaineers have gotten their start in the Himalayas on this peak, including the amazing David Breashears, climber and filmmaker. He was involved in creating the IMAX film 'Everest'. As if it's not enough to climb the tallest peak, he filmed the entire expedition. Moreover, the film was made during the disastrous 1996 season (inspiration for Into Thin Air), and he assisted in rescue efforts to boot.

I can't help but dream today. This week feels stifling with its severe lack of adventure.

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